Leaving Bangladesh To Go To Canada

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On 27th of April I left Sylhet, Bangladesh to fly to Toronto, Canada. This was my first time ever leaving my country to go abroad alone. I never left my hometown to go anywhere within Bangladesh let alone another country. I was excited and scared at the same time, it was a mixed feeling.

My dream was always to go abroad and complete my study and build my life there. Alhamdullilah it was the day I left Bangladesh to go to Canada to fulfill my dream. As it was an exciting day for me at the same time I was sad leaving my family behind. Everyone cried a lot and I did too. Finally, it was time to say good bye to my family and go through security at the airport.

This was my first time flying on a plane, my dad booked my flight with Emirates airlines. I heard they are one of the best airlines so my expectation was really high. I was upgraded to Business class from Dhaka to Dubai, the customer service representative was extremely nice and upgraded my flight I asked if he could upgrade from Dubai to Toronto but sadly he declined and said NO. The flight from Dhaka to Dubai was great, food was ok, service was great. Overall I had a pleasant experience with Emirates in the 5 hours flight, the longer flight was after 5 hours time.

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While at Dubai airport I was looking around and saw lots of designer brands with extremely high price tag. I also saw many fancy cars. I was at the airport for 5 hours, nothing to do other than look around. I went to different Gates just to waste my time but it was worth the walk since I had nothing to do there.

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It was time to board my next long haul flight to Toronto. Unfortunately my flight got delayed by 2.5 hours due to someone getting into the plane without a ticket. This never made sense how they passed all the security and get into the plane. Since this was a security issue they had to take out all passenger luggages and re-check and board them again. Finally it was time to fly. I was happy to know there was going to be wifi in the plane so I could call my family and let them know how I am. Also the captain announced they refuelled the plane twice as much so they could go faster and reach to Toronto earlier.

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The 16 hours flight (including the delayed time) was extremely painful because I couldnt sleep or do anything. I called my family and updated them where I am. I couldnt talk for long because the wifi was very limited. I spent most of the time trying to sleep. But there was an uncle who was sitting beside me who kept asking me questions about his phone. It was annoying but I had to be nice. Finally, we reached Toronto at 6:25 PM local time. I was very excited to see Toronto. After my immigration I had to wait for a very long time to get my SIN from the immigration officer. Later I had to go and find my luggages since I was late and had to look around for my luggages and found them around a corner.

I came out of the airport and met with my uncle who was waiting for me for a long time.

My next post will be about my first day in Toronto.


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